Be it a party, event, conference or a festival, the most annoying part is the waste created post event. Specially the disposable used that are made up of paper and plastics. In Sweden more than 50% waste are burnt in the incineration plant and there is a lot that we can discuss about why burning is not the best solution. We at Leafymade have taken this issue seriously.

We have introduced disposables made of natural material like leafs that are bio degradable and can be disposed as kompost. Our products are made without any deforestation and without and complicated industrial process that makes them super efficient in terms of Co2 footprint. Leafymade products that are completely in harmony with nature. So next time if you are planning any event and care about the impact of your event on the environment, then thinks about us.

Pics: From India Unlimited. Diwali mingle event organised in Association with Embassy of India in Sweden.