Swedish supermarket chain ICA bans disposable plastic

We are very happy to read that the Swedish supermarket chain ICA, the second largest retail company in the Nordic countries, has adopted a new plastic strategy. This means that plastic disposables will be removed by 2020, and that all packaging will be reusable by 2022. By 2030, the packaging should be made of recycled plastic, or entirely fossil-free raw material. Kerstin Lindvall, Sustainability Director of the ICA Group states: "We both need to reduce the overall use of plastic and review what kind of plastic we use. It demands us as companies to be involved in development". The retailer also is now expanding the number of packages with mortgages by including juice bottles into its pant-system. It is great to see that also big companies step by step develop towards a greener, more sustainable and circular approach to what they produce and sell.
At Leafymade we believe that it is not only the customer that should adopt a responsible attitude when consuming but companies have to make more sustainable and more social responsible choices as attractive and accessible as possible. It is the only way to move society towards a green and plastic free future.


This blog post is written by Mascha Wendler and based on the information provided in an article of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.